If you are looking for a beachfront park on the east end of Fire Island, Smith Point County Park is the perfect place to visit. With a national recognized lifeguard team and amenities that include a bbq, picnic, and swimming, this park has it all. Find out why it’s one of the top places in Suffolk County. This is a fantastic place to enjoy a sunny day or a cool evening. Check this out!

Smith Point County Park is Suffolk County’s largest oceanfront park

While Suffolk County is famous for its beach towns, there are few in New York that rival the pristine beaches of Smith Point. Smith Point County Park, Shirley, NY is one of these, and the largest oceanfront park in Suffolk County. It is situated on the east side of Fire Island and stretches as far as Moriches Inlet. Featuring more than five miles of rolling white sand, Smith Point is an ideal location for surfing and scuba diving. There is even a snack bar, as well as plenty of activities.

In addition to the main beach, the outer beach is popular for a long weekend. During the summer, the park has about 200,000 visitors per season. There are 7,000 campsite reservations available each year. The main road stretches along the beach, but was originally intended to be a part of the Ocean Parkway Extension. In addition, a 7E bus ran along the beach on a seasonal basis, connecting it to the Mastic-Shirley Long Island Rail Road station. However, that bus stopped running in October 2016, and now only the S74 bus runs to Smith Point.

It is a Tier III beach

The tidal ranges of the Smith Point County Park in Shirley NY are low to moderate, which are not designated as environmental hazards, but can cause erosion. Overwash is a problem in the area, and the park resands its beach every winter. The park also has a high potential for erosion and must be protected from vandalism. Here are some facts about this beach:

Inlet Formation – If an inlet were to be formed in this area, it could radically alter the landscape. Currently, two barrier islands, Patters quash Island in Smith Point County Park and Old Inlet in the Fire Island National Seashore, are vulnerable to potential inlet formation. A breach of one of these islands could significantly affect the Masticl-Shirley floodplain. Learn more about North Shore Beach.

It has a national recognized lifeguard team

On July 4, a man was treated at a Long Island hospital after he was bitten by a shark. He was in waist-deep water when he was bitten. After the attack, the man punched the shark and swam to shore. The shark, a tiger shark, was identified by rescuers as four feet long. The man was transported to the hospital via helicopter. It’s not the first time that the same stretch of coastline has been used by lifeguards.

A recent incident has resulted in the temporary closure of Smith Point County Park. A lifeguard who was bitten by a shark earlier this summer was back on duty only ten days later. After the attack, the park has canceled swimming at the area’s two beaches. During that time, the lifeguards had been training for a shift at another Suffolk County park.

It has amenities for bbq, picnic, swimming or strolling

Located on the east end of Fire Island, near Shirley, New York, Smith Point County Park offers beachfront picnicking and swimming. It is the largest park in Suffolk County. In addition to picnic areas, the park has a boat ramp, restrooms, and amenities for a relaxing day at the beach. It is also accessible for biking, walking, and hiking.

In addition to the usual beach fun, Smith Point County Park is also home to the Fire Island Wilderness Center, an interpretive center for the eastern portion of the federal preserve. The park is accessible via the William Floyd Parkway, which is open during weekends. During the summer, the Suffolk County Transit 7E bus stops at the beach and makes connections to the Mastic/Shirley Long Island Rail Road station. It costs $2.25 each way to board the bus.

It is a great starting point for exploring Fire Island National Seashore

On the eastern end of Fire Island, near Shirley, New York, is the beachfront park of Smith Point County Park. The largest park in Suffolk County, this park offers access to the National Seashore and is the perfect spot for a family picnic. Visitors can enjoy a variety of recreational activities, including horseback riding, kayaking, and swimming. Visitors can also spend the day hiking or cycling the beautiful, winding paths that crisscross the island.

For those visiting the National Seashore for the first time, Smith Point County Park in Shirley is a great place to start. The park offers a barrier beach that’s great for swimming, as well as epic waves for body surfing. The park also has a large deck with spectacular ocean views. Be sure to bring your camera for pictures, and don’t forget to collect sea glass and shells, so you can remember your visit to the park for years to come. Browse next article.


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