Professional Christmas Light Installation

Holiday lighting brings cheer and joy to both your family and the neighborhood. If you really want to blow away the competition, however, there’s no substitute for enlisting the help of experienced professionals.

Professional Christmas Light Installation: How it Works

If you’re considering professional Christmas light installation, you may be wondering how it works. Our process starts with the design phase, continues with installation, and ends with the removal and storage of your light display. The aim is to save you, the homeowner, as much time and stress as possible.

After all, is there anything worse than taking down and packing away your Christmas lights in the middle of January?!

Professional Christmas Light Design

One of the greatest benefits of choosing a professional Christmas light installation is getting professional light design.

Our designers will work closely with you to create a display that meets your wants and needs. Each design is unique to each home.

The benefit of working with a company that also does landscape lighting is that they can design your holiday lights to blend in seamlessly and work with your landscape lighting.

A well-designed professional Christmas lighting display works to accentuate your home’s best features while still offering the joy and holiday cheer you should expect from your outdoor Christmas lights.

Complete Light Installation

Once the design process is complete, your Christmas lights can be installed. There’s nothing better than imagining yourself freezing on your roof and trying your best not to fall off while you sit back and watch someone do the work for you!

At this point in the process, if you’re comparing holiday light installation companies, it’s important to know exactly what the price entails.

When you work with Nite-Lite for example, we source your lights and you purchase them through us for the first year. At that point, you own them forever, you’re not just renting them for the season.

If you’re pricing multiple options for your holiday lighting, be sure to know exactly what happens at the end of the season so you can predict what your costs for following years will be.

Purchasing your lights up front will increase your costs for the first year, but saves you money over time vs renting Christmas lights every year.

Light Removal

After the holidays, our team will return to remove the lights, saving you even more time and frustration.

Our team will package and store your lights in your home and made ready to be reused the following year.

Over time, our professional Christmas light installation will save you time and money. After the first year and the initial purchase of the lights, the only cost you’ll have each year is the labor to install and remove your lights.

More Than Christmas Light Installation

Working with a landscape lighting professional like Nite-Lite means more than just installing and removing some Christmas lights. You can pay just about anybody to do that.

Because we offer complete landscape lighting services, our experience and expertise are what set us apart.

All of your exterior lighting should highlight the best architectural and design features of your home and and landscape. When your landscape lights and Christmas lights work together, it takes your holiday lighting display to a whole new level.

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