Outdoor Lighting Systems in Long Island

Nite-Lite Landscape Lighting designs and installs outdoor lighting systems in Long Island. Call us!

We work one on one with homeowners to find the best solutions for their outdoor lighting.

Residential Outdoor Lighting Systems

Nite-Lite Landscape Lighting provides inspirational residential outdoor lighting systems that compel people to spend more time in your garden. We provide the ideal lighting solution to illuminate your exterior spaces.

Be it your driveway, walls, garden or trees and plants, our lighting designers will try bringing out the best features of your outdoor spaces with innovative and energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Lighting up your entire outdoor space

Your Outdoor Lighting System

Nite-Lite Landscape Lighting is in charge of your outdoor lighting system, be it just your pathways or the whole landscape.

Our team of experienced and skilled electrician ensures maximum illumination of your desired areas through smart and effective light placement, installation and control. Give us a call to brighten your night time gatherings!

Smart and effective outdoor lighting system

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