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"Landscape Lighting extends an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of your property at all hours"

You leave for work before the sun comes up and come home around dusk.  So when do you get the chance to enjoy the beauty of your yard?  Landscape lighting extends an opportunity to enjoy your property at all hours. With the proper design and intricate installation of your landscape lighting system, we aim to make night time the ideal time to enjoy your yard.  Utilizing low-voltage power in combination with LED bulbs, your system will run on minimal power compared to the old-fashioned 120v systems.  So why hide your property in the dark when Nite-Lite can help you create a vibrant outdoor environment that will add character to your home?

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Landscape Lighting

Nite-Lite Landscape Lighting specializes in the design and installation of outdoor lighting  systems for clients throughout Long Island. We are fully committed  to providing customers with the most durable and quality outdoor lighting solutions available.  All our LED and low voltage lighting solutions are designed to exceed your expectations.

Nite-lite landscape Lighting  can handle any area of outdoor lighting including:

Landscape lighting illuminates trees and deck around pool area
Fornt view of home with dramatic landscape and structural lighting at night
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Landscape Lighting Designers

A Specialized Team of Lighting Designers

"Landscape Lighting extends an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of your property at all hours"

Nite-Lite Landscape Lighting is a team of professional landscape lighting designers in charge of outdoor lighting projects. We create beautifully simple and energy-efficient lighting plans to brighten your garden or landscape.

Our team sits down with you to establish your unique lighting plan and needs. As experienced landscape lighting designers, we use your ideas to set up lighting system for complete customer satisfaction.

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