The facilities at Diamond Baseball Academy Holtsville NY are second to none. Their indoor facility features seven 52′ Cage Tunnels and a wall-to-wall Sprint Turf infield. Its netted ceiling reaches 24 feet high and is designed as a fully hitting infield. You can even practice at the academy’s retractable Cage Tunnel. To schedule a lesson, create an account on Mindbody. Additional info by clicking here.


The Diamond Baseball Academy is an elite summer training facility located in Holtsville, New York. This program features seven 52-foot Cage Tunnels and a large Practice Field area. In addition to the field, the indoor facility features a wall-to-wall Sprint Turf and a netted ceiling that reaches 24 feet high. There is also a retractable Cage Tunnel. To schedule a session, you must create an account on the academy’s Mindbody online website.

Divisions of SATB

Over the 4th of July, Diamond Baseball Academy hosted a weekend tournament featuring 50 teams from 150 to 200 miles away. The Clarence Red Devils (NY), Fairport, NY, Kempton, PA, Setauket, NY, Clinton, NJ, and College Point, NY, competed. Teams from Pittsburgh, PA competed, including the Titans Baseball U PA. Up next is!

Cage Tunnels

The Diamond Baseball Academy offers seven 52′ cages and a large practice field area for hitting drills. The indoor facility is furnished with wall-to-wall Sprint Turf, and the cages are retractable, allowing for more flexibility in workouts and games. Parents and coaches can use the large parent seating area with Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV to observe their children’s games.

The facilities at the academy are available to rent to various groups of individuals and groups, including families and organizations. For a group of baseball enthusiasts, Diamond’s facility offers a retractable cage and a fully-hitting infield. Aside from the cage tunnels, the Diamond Sports Academy also offers batting cages, baseballs, and other training equipment. The academy’s facility is located near Diamond Dealers, which makes it convenient for parents and players to make reservations.

Practice Field

You can learn more about the school’s practice fields by visiting their website. These fields include a retractable cage, fully hitting infield, and seven 52′ Cage Tunnels. Parents can also utilize the weight room and the pro shop on the premises. You can also find the academy’s corporate headquarters and Diamond Dealer nearby. In addition, you can get a free Wi-Fi connection in the parent seating area.

The Academy has a beautiful practice field, complete with a batting cage, and an entire pitching machine. It is the perfect place for developing baseball skills, and players will be able to get a feel for the game at any age. The school also offers teams for 16-u through professional, and collegiate level players. You can sign up for one of these teams, or enroll in both. Browse next blog post.


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